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Plant City Animal Hospital, 1906 Jim Redman Parkway, Plant City, Florida 33563 Phone: 813-752-3073
Notes from Dr. Wicker
Now Hiring - Veterinary Assistant

We currently have an opening for a Veterinary Assistant.  There is a full time position available but we will also consider individuals  interested in part time employment.  We have a small staff of dedicated individuals working together to provide quality healthcare to pets.  Our practice treats dogs and cats and has a special interest in strengthing the human-animal bond.


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    Wellness Healthcare

    "My pets seem fine, why should I take them to the Doctor?"

              If we don't provide regular maintenance on our cars, it may lead to expensive repairs down the road, or we may end up being stranded unexpectedly.  The same thing is true for our pets (and us too, but that's a topic for another time.)  By providing regular preventive healthcare for your pets, you can help keep them healthy and happy, and help avoid expensive medical bills later on.


              This preventative healthcare is often referred to as Wellness Care.  Wellness Care consists of multiple components.  One of the most important components is the physical exam (Wellness Exam). This is a nose to tail check up of your pet by the doctor.  In the early years, your pet should have a wellness physical exam yearly.  Beyond age 6, this should occur every 6 months. In 1 of our years, your pet is aging an equivalent of 6-7 years. A lot of changes occur during that time.  By having an exam every 6 months after age 6, it is possible to pick up on problems before they become severe.

              Other components of good wellness care include appropriate vaccinations, lab tests and preventative medications.  We tailor vaccinations for each pet based on age, lifestyle and risks.  Fecal examinations to check for intestinal parasites and blood tests to check for heartworms are also important parts of wellness care.  One of the most important things you can do for your pet is to use an appropriate heartworm preventative.  It is much easier, less expensive and safer for your pet to prevent heartworms than to have to treat them once your pet is already infected.

              Wellness blood testing is also important as your pet ages.  It is possible to pick up indications of approaching diseases earlier by using appropriate lab tests.  This allows for therapies that can often slow down the progress of and in some cases prevent these diseases.

              A lot of research goes into determining the wellness care that is appropriate for your pet.  It may be tempting, especially during slow economic times, to put off wellness care for your pets (or yourself.)  Adopting the "They look okay to me" approach to healthcare rarely pays off in the long term.  If necessary, the different components of wellness care can be spread out over time.  If you have questions regarding specific recommendations for your pet, don't hesitate to contact us at 813-752-3073.  Our staff is eagerly waiting to assist you.

    Have a fantastic day!


    Dr. Wicker

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