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why do cats puff up their tails plant city fl

Why Do Cats Puff up Their Tails?

Why Do Cats Puff up Their Tails? Cats are pretty fascinating creatures that have their mannerisms and unique behaviors. One of the most interesting characteristics about cats is the way that they use their tails to communicate with us. Tail language is a universal form of communication in cats. Cats may puff up their tails…

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how cold is too cold for dogs plant city fl

How Cold is Too Cold for Dogs?

Cold Weather and Dogs: Can My Dog Go Outside? Cold weather can be brutal for humans and their pets. A dog’s ability to endure colder temperatures depends on various factors. Your dog may feel cold when it is below 45 degrees, but they can still go outside. However, when the temperature goes below 32 degrees,…

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my dog ate chocolate what do i do plant city fl

My Dog Ate Chocolate. What Do I Do?

My Dog Ate Chocolate. What Do I Do? Chocolate is a wonderful treat that us humans cannot get enough of. However, chocolate is toxic to dogs, and if you keep it in the house, you must be sure that it is well out of your pup’s reach. If your dog should happen to get into…

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