Corgi getting a vaccine

Why We Recommend Cat & Dog Vaccinations in Plant City, FL

Vaccines give your pet crucial protection against harmful diseases, such as rabies, Lyme disease, and distemper. Cat and dog vaccinations are designed to bolster your pet’s immune system. They increase resistance to infection, and better equip your companion to fight and recover from illness if they do become infected. Here in Plant City, FL, we recommend cat and dog vaccinations as effective protection for both pets and humans in our community. Some animal diseases can be spread to people, and by vaccinating dogs and cats, we also protect humans.

Plant City Animal Hospital provides custom vaccination plans to suit each pet’s individual needs. Contact us to set up a vaccine appointment today!

Cat getting a vaccine
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What Makes Cat & Dog Vaccines Effective?

Pet vaccines function like human vaccines. They trigger the immune system to react and defend itself by releasing antibodies to combat the intruder (the vaccine). Vaccines contain a killed or modified form of a virus, which is intended to train the immune system to resist infection. Dog and cat vaccines are quite effective at protecting pets, but they must be given at regular intervals throughout your pet’s life to keep their immunity strong.

Our Cat & Dog Vaccine Timelines

Plant City Animal Hospital abides by the American Animal Hospital Association’s vaccination guidelines for dogs and cats. Below are our recommended timelines for core (essential) and non-core (lifestyle-based) vaccines.

Cat and two puppies