Cat & Dog X-Ray Imaging in Plant City, FL

Building a comprehensive and accurate health profile for your pet requires more than a physical exam. Plant City Animal Hospital is home to cutting-edge cat and dog X-ray technology and an in-house diagnostic laboratory. These tools play an important role in helping us understand your pet’s condition and diagnose potentially harmful issues in their early stages. A general physical exam gives us only one part of the bigger picture.

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How We Utilize Our Diagnostic Tools

With our laboratory and digital X-ray equipment, our team can deliver higher-quality care to our patients. These tools give us insight into your pet’s health that a standard physical exam cannot, and guide our treatments to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Why We Recommend Routine Testing for Dogs & Cats

Your pet’s health is an ever-changing thing, and underlying problems may not be obvious with just a physical examination. With laboratory testing and digital X-ray, we can detect issues early, when they are easier to treat. Routine testing gives us the ability to catch subtle health changes and address them before they can get worse.

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