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Available Payment Options for Pet Owners

A common question for many pet owners when considering their pets’ care is, “Will I be able to afford this?” We understand how quickly the cost of care can add up! At Plant City Animal Hospital, we offer a couple of alternative payment options to help our clients manage their pets’ medical bills with greater ease and less stress. Learn about these options below, and contact us at (813) 752-3073 if you have any questions.

CareCredit is a popular payment option that can be used for many different situations, but it has proven extremely valuable for pet owners. With CareCredit, you get a credit card and can choose a financing option that allows you to make smaller, monthly payments towards your pet’s medical bills. Purchases of $200 or more charge no interest if they are paid on time.

Unlike CareCredit, Scratchpay does not give you a credit card. Instead, it automatically deducts payments from your bank account, based on whichever monthly payment plan you choose for yourself. Monthly plans include 5 payments every 2 weeks, 12 monthly payments for 1 year, and 24 monthly payments for 2 years. Another difference with Scratchpay is that signing up for it will not affect your credit score.