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Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?

It’s natural to be curious about every aspect of your cat’s health and behavior. But what about their anatomy? It might seem like an odd question, but you might be surprised at the answer! We’re happy to explore this question in today’s blog. And if you still have burning questions for us or need an appointment for your pet, be sure to contact Plant City Animal Hospital at (813) 752-3073!

do cats have belly buttons in plant city fl

The Mystery of Feline Belly Buttons: Do Cats Actually Have Them?

Yes, cats do have belly buttons! Like humans, cats are mammals, and their belly buttons are remnants of the umbilical cord that connected them to their mother during development in the womb. However, a cat’s belly button is quite different from a human’s in appearance and prominence. For starters, it’s a lot smaller, and much less noticeable overall. 

How Do Cat Belly Buttons Form?

During a cat’s development inside its mother, the umbilical cord serves as the lifeline between the mother and her kittens, providing essential nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. After the kitten is born, the umbilical cord is either cut or naturally falls off, leaving behind a small scar – the belly button. Unlike humans, a cat’s belly button is not an ‘innie’ or an ‘outie’; it’s more like a faint, small scar that blends seamlessly into the cat’s fur.

Where to Find Your Cat’s Belly Button

Finding a cat’s belly button can be a bit of a treasure hunt. It’s typically located midway between the base of the ribcage and the tail, along the cat’s stomach line. In most cats, it’s just a small, barely noticeable indentation or a slight change in the fur pattern.

Are There Any Health Concerns Related to a Cat’s Belly Button?

Generally, a cat’s belly button doesn’t pose any health concerns. However, cat owners need to be aware of a certain rare condition that may occur. An umbilical hernia, for instance, can occur if the abdominal muscles don’t fully close around the belly button area after the kitten is born. This condition is typically noticeable as a bulge near the belly button and should be evaluated as soon as possible by a veterinarian.

Schedule Your Cat’s Next Checkup with Us

While the belly button is a small and often overlooked part of your cat’s anatomy, it’s a testament to the remarkable journey of life they’ve undergone. From a tiny kitten in the womb to a beloved member of your family, every part of your cat has a story. Keep exploring, learning, and enjoying the unique aspects of your cat’s life. And for any health-related inquiries or to schedule a checkup, get in touch with Plant City Animal Hospital at (813) 752-3073. We’re here to support the health and happiness of your beloved pet.

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